The Adventures of James Bomb

The Adventures of James BombIf you have browsed the web of exclusive games that provide the best elements of several good games they have played, then definitely love hybrids. Games online can be useful in the mixture of great things together in order to make a great game, this is the case of Prince of Persia, Frank's Adventures, Alien Carnage and the Maze / War hybrid called "The Adventures of James bomb "As the name indicates, the game is based on a guy called James, who is a specialist in bombs.

James is in a maze that is divided by concrete walls, as well as wooden walls that can be used bombs desparramó far behind false walls there are many premiums, depending on the category to which it belongs, at the first level Pump can find red indicating that are now able to detonate bombs that are far more powerful than those that had, the only thing you must remember is that, as explosions are much stronger than you should leave quickly in order to avoid their blasting.

Another bonus is a collection of 3 pumps that increases the damage they can inflict on detonate bombs, there are other issues which can be found as they progress level to level, such as diamonds, that gives extra life, other bonuses may even be able to help you Your bomb explosion not to yourself. Invincible shields can be found behind the walls as well. In addition to having some serious blasting power you have to avoid several enemies who behave like enemies you find on Pacman, these ghosts and monsters that roam around the maze and will come to you, some may even ill crossing the wooden walls as if there was nothing there so beware of the ghost-like monsters.

You can shoot down any monster with their bombs. Once you have destroyed all the wooden walls and avoid being killed by monsters can advance to the next level, it will be more difficult than the first. As you move new bonds and the types of bombs were revealed to you and the number of ghosts, monsters and piranhas increases. If you want to stay alive and have a bit of insurance for downtime to get what they need to ensure they grab the diamonds as they give you extra lives. Blast all the monsters away and have fun!

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