Armor Heroes Online Game Tips

cewek cantikTraditional arcade games require players to deposit money into the machines in order to keep playing. Players can then follow the game in order to try to advance to the next level and beat the enemies, luckily for the game arcade fans on the web has facilitated the process by providing free access to the thousands of games that have been created to resemble the arcade games, with the exception of currency deposit thing. Others have been taken from the arcade at the site as a one-to-one copy which makes things even better.

As we all know, these games that you can get addicted pretty quickly because most of them are quite complex and have many levels to beat, a game that fall into this category is called Armored Heroes. This game online application is very difficult to beat, which is available from several armoured enemies who are hard to kill, it is possible to play with three main characters, a gentleman, an old man who looks like a magician or a wooden soldier. The first 3 enemies will come to you immediately to get better prepared to fight, their primary keys will be "s" for the attacks rapid "d" attack slow covering front and back and mount / dismount key "and"

You will be given a dragon around to carry you from the start, but make sure you learn to control it as their attack rates of exchange and which you believe will be fast now much slower but effective. You also notice that there are several barrels that we must break with the goal of collecting points healing or waste material (usually red) After beating archers it needs to proceed cautiously, because there are some enemies who exploit and you can take immediately.

Just after defeating all these enemies who will have to fight a tougher night that can give the impression of being the head end, and it comes in very fast, but it is not, you can beat him with continuous attacks fast In comparison with previous enemies it may take a while to defeat, but it is feasible, once they pass this enemy will find the head end of this level, be very careful because if you get a hit it finished, this is a monster giant wooden spikes that causes metal to emerge from the earth every time it hits the ground with his hammer, ran away, it does not work that follows you from wherever they happen to her only option is to put on the head-to-head to beat him . Armor heroes is a game that is sure to keep you busy while for the better.

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