The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte CristoThe Count of Monte Cristo game is a casual game of a version of Alexandre Dumas' most famous works of the same name. In this game, you take the role of Edmond Dantes, as is the search for clues and tips at various locations to find the person responsible for his betrayal and imprisonment. Well, the game does not really offer an exact replica of the history of the novel, but only a few snippets here and there so I guess that small outline of the plot of the game has to be done. And also, we are here to talk about the reality of the game, right?

In any case, the game opens quite amazing as directed through a series of beautifully drawn artwork on the story behind Edmond Dantes' imprisonment. Immediately afterwards, you are already faced with the search for objects belonging to its list, as most of the games hidden object go and of course, you should always take into account the timer, during their game. In fact, one only has to beat each stage to further advance the story, as the history of the cut scenes are revealed later every time you move from one level to another. And besides, I have nothing further to add only have fun playing the game. :-)

There are a total of 20 different locations across the undermining in their adventure as an object hidden sift 8 suspects that may or may not have caused Edmond misery in the past. The game also involves playing through 15 different mini-games ranging from easy to impossible to drive, and believe me when I say that some of these mini-games can consume more of your time than the actual search-and-find game. You will also be able to search through the hidden places in various parts of the earth, which proves once again I am wrong when initially thought that this is just a game short.

The Review

The Count of Monte Cristo game employs a very good series of scenes from the reservation along with a share of the music that I find very attractive. The gameplay is satisfactory, but I believe that the visual presentation of most of the scenes to be quite murky and difficult looking at the long hours. This represents a negative impact on the game, since most of the time spent on playing games hidden object is through the eyes of your monitor and focus on the search for the objects at hand. Most of the time, I can not even find a single shell of all clutter, and occasionally suffer the consequences of having 30 seconds of penalties too many errors clicks.

Many of the mini-games are also very tough because I spent almost half an hour and even calculate a single sheets of the puzzle. This basically means that the game is full of both challenge, but it is still too hard for my liking. In addition, it really hurts my ego of times during the game that this game, so I think I am going to leave it at that. :-P

However, The Count of Monte Cristo game can be loads of fun for those who wish for a game filled with a very good story and a challenge that will play for hours. If you are also willing to find its way into some detail-lacking scenarios, please be my guest and have their own crack in the game. In addition, it is always your opinion that counts, right?

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