Electronic Revolution Presents: Ut3 At Futurtech Gaming League

Ut3North America is currently saturated with online games, including TWL leagues, CAL, TGL, CEVO, and OGL, to name just a few. A newcomer has debuted on the block in the form of future Tech Gaming League. With his story in the European theatre, providing a very promising ideal for North America. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Chuck "chicken" Sico, FuturTech Gaming League Unreal Tournament 3 North American head admin. We meet to discuss the opening of FGL and what they plan to carry UT3 in the future.

Where are UT3 happens in the future with FGL?

FGL is a big step towards competitive activity to UT3, Epic does not support our community, FGL is exactly what we need to give us a boost and gives us a reason to play the game despite its shortcomings. I hope to see many more players soon, and tournaments and LAN to follow, organized by FGL. The euro UT3 community is proving to be much bigger, the needs of North America to demonstrate that we have the players as well. FGL get bigger than the players do, it can only grow with stability fund that we have. This is none other than the league will be forgotten tomorrow.

What does FGL offer to the community that makes them want to come back for more?

Ladders shall not only bragging rights now, and I think that will add a great new dimension to our current scale of the systems we are accustomed.

Why do FGL interested in the management of the North American division UT3?

I have been adminning ladders and tournaments for UT since 2000, was selected to join the 2k4 boys to form the community or in the channels collection irc.gameradius.org and I think I have done a good job of taking over the part of the TDM and almost running the same things myself. With little activity on the stairs, I decided to host my own tournament and got TDM shake a lot of activity in the game. When FGL being formed, it was asked around people and spoke to me, asked me to join them and help implement the North American side UT3 and I did not hesitate to enter. I also have a long history in the server configuration, which almost everybody knows me in some capacity in every game Unreal. But let me also say that I FGL demonstrated support and endorsement of a league must be stable and grow. I knew that this was UT3 the opportunity to get bigger and he wanted to make sure that it was right. He had been already in place in the community as it was so it was a natural transition.

What do you think of UT3?

UT3 is a great compromise between UT99 and UT2k *. Personally I jumped Series * 2k, I liked the game drastic changes (jumping dodge, coat of arms, and so on.) With the elimination of dodge jumping and the game itself is more oriented UT classic style, I believe we finally a game that everyone can play and enjoy, assuming that you have a new system to play. I wish I had something good to say about Epic. Finally they gave us a game we enjoy, but HUD and the interface and everything that is not the game has been the worst of all the games so far, including the first Unreal1. Four months later, still rely on the Part 3 mods and mutators to play usable, and Epic has done nothing but show contempt for the "community competitive." In a world increasingly dominated the console, people who did Epic, which are now being left behind, second-class citizens. I hope that soon realize that they deserve better and show support for people who have been here for 10 years playing Unreal games on the PC. In the end, we are still here, regardless of the game, so we should thank them, at least, for providing the barebones of a game that we can fix and then play. Epic still only has published a beta demo for the PC, is very buggy, almost unusable unless you are a professional in UT engines and know how and know how to adjust ini's. Already in the UT99 days, which has a patch for the demo that prospects are not extinguished by mistakes and poor results.

With the slow growth of the community UT3 what you think it will take to bring new players on the world stage and encourage the community to become more active in the competitive arena?

Speaking of the game itself, I mean the first thing to do is to release a demo end with all the bug fixes, but we need to fix the full version as well. All the little things like copy / paste on the console, a real selection of server cross and consultation, which shows how many more are on a server (even 10 years UT99 lets you see who is on the server, how time is left, Etc.) I wish Epic eliminate Gamespy of UT3 totally and return to the classic UT server browser, which actually worked well. Things like being able to launch firearms to their teammates in TDM were eliminated by Epic. We all explain how compelling manually, but the problem if you pull a gun and get a backup, UT3 accidents. Epic keybind not give the GUI configuration, probably because of this mistake that did not seem to want to fix. In a nutshell, I would say that corresponds to the mod community to set up this game, as Epic has shown no interest in supporting the game at a competitive level. A league as FGL is just what the community has to awaken interest and give them a reason to play, despite the shortcomings Epic.

Do FGL has no plan to lans involving UT3?

Our plan is to have a lot of competitions and I think annual LAN in the future, obviously, in terms of growth of the community.

What the community can expect to see FGL in the future to come?

We are starting from 1v1 tournaments in the NA and Euro as well as the rule of ladders. TDM will be in the near future and NA vs. Euro cups will be planned as well. The awards have not been announced yet, but we are going to have something for our tournaments and openness that should only get bigger from there.

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