Eliminate Distractions on Xbox 360

I have come today to give you a few tips on eliminating distractions while playing your Xbox 360. I have found that once someone in the room verbally calls to me while I play online I will die within the next ten seconds as it is a shooter type game. Why? Because I was derived!

1) Turn Off the Bloody Notifications!
If you have a full list of friends (or even halfway…), it seems someone is logging at about 3 to 5 minutes at least. Just head to your personal settings if your logged and turn these notifications off. Or, just turn them off when you try to really serious.

2) Think About Position
If you have a house that is constant or people who generally occupied the house, one needs to think about the position of the 360. If the abolition of derivation is the goal, trying to 360 in a quieter environment, such as a bedroom or guest.

3) Focus Overrides All
Work on the development of focus. If you can focus the easier it is for the relief of distraction and the less physical things you need to do. This ability to block diversion is not only good for games, but for almost everything in life.

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