How To Prepare For Samurai Sudoku

When it comes to the samurai sudoku, we need a longer time to solve the puzzles. It is very difficult than conventional sudoku who has 9 x 9 grid. Based on the word "samurai" - which means "faithful militants with swords sharp sword" in Japanese, the word has been used only to symbolise the difficulty of solving the sudoku game. A samurai sudoku has five overlapping sudoku grids. The rules of the game is the same as conventional sudoku puzzle. You need only to insert a correct numbers in each row, each column and each 3 x 3 box.

With a view to solving sudoku samurai, you have to start solving conventional first sudoku. Keep bear on solving the puzzles first before you jump to the most difficult level. In fact, most people have several days for solving a samurai sudoku. If you are very skilled player, you can solve sudoku samurai within 1-3 hours. It is important to mentally fit to solve difficult puzzles in a short time.

Get yourself a printable sudoku software to print more puzzles for the training. It is wise that you sudoku solver as well. These programs are available for downloads on the Internet. Tap not stress on solving the puzzles. You can go on with the unfinished puzzles later, after a short rest. If you prefer to resolve multiply sets of samurai sudoku, but spend a little bit of your money for the purchase of books online sudoku.

While playing samurai sudoku, consider the possibilities of the numbers in each 3 x 3 squares as these boxes are mutually to each other. Bring the basics of problem solving, such as abolition of the "couples" in the resolution of any other techniques.

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