The Making of Mahjong

The Making of MahjongMahjong is a game darn popular. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. Invented in China, Mahjong is a game that entwines skill, strategy and luck in a unique way. Akin to other games, like dominoes, Mahjong uses the use of titles that are combined in attempts to complete the hand of the player. Sound simple? It is not. Sound addictive? Oh, it is.

Mahjong is a cool hobby before the Internet was invented yet. Now that I think about it, Mahjong is a game very well even before the automobile was invented. In fact, mahjong was so popular with the people of China, and later the world, he managed to enjoy a life that was perhaps longer than any other game in the history of the world. Chinese legend says it was created by Confucius Mahjong in itself, or round, 500 BC Now, if this is true, nobody can guess. But lend a certain air of sophistication to any game, to suggest that the Confucius himself while away the hours playing, in between episodes of the delivery of Chinese philosophy.

But, attention! With the invention of the Internet, and much later the line of video games, Mahjong has become more popular than even Confucius would have thought possible. The chance to play, especially the classic games in the comfort of your own home has provoked a resurgence monstrous in many of the old games. Mahjong Games as, thanks to the World Wide Web, reaching people, and age groups, which never did before.

A moderately new mahjong game, published by Jenkatgames dot com, "Coffee Mahjongg," combines an exciting, new age of sophistication to the old puzzle game. In essence, the central elements of the Mahjong are completely intact. It is only now that the game is entwined with a pleasant cafe reason. The patterns of tile are fun agreed in ways that complement the theme of coffee. As the game goes along, the player will move from level to level, revealing new boards, and new challenges.

Coffee Mahjongg manages to succeed in an area where very few of the newly re-imagined classic games can. Coffee Mahjong allows players to feel the excitement and energy of a video game, while providing the key elements of the classic game it represents. Mahjong may be popular, but he never was able to reach a mass audience, as it is now.

And while many games like Solitaire, dominoes, card games and various classics have made the leap to the online gaming market, none have done so as triumphantly as in the transformation of mahjong Coffee Mahjongg. Because, after all, a classic game remains a classic game. And the achievement of a more distant game designer can wait for you when you return to the creation of such legendary games, it would be the intelligence to not alter, or change any of the key elements that made the game such a classic to begin. Jenkatgames has done a great job of not turning Confucius' favorite pastime in the "new Coke".

Mahjong has managed to remain in several centuries, and that will certainly be around several more. For those of you already been bitten by the insect Mahjong, this means old, old news. But for those of you familiar with China the biggest hobby I implore you to take some time today and play a game or two. It sure beats the tar what is on television.

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