Naruto: Rise of a Ninja - Review

Naruto: Rise of a open-world/action/fighter Ninja is a game that follows the line of the history of Naruto, starting from the beginning. Let me start with this, I was very impressed with this game. My expectations were low and I was surprised gameplay. It is probably one of the best games ever made under license.

Naruto has several different modes that are easy to jump into. There is a rule and the fight against storymode versus mode. Moreover, there are ways to support Xbox Live as well. I will talk about that later.

The story begins so early series Naruto. The set of nine tails demon ninja fox attacking the village of Konohoa. The Hokage (president basically) sealed the demon fox within a child in the exspense of their own lives. The boys name is Naruto. The story progresses from there, and basically follows the format of the anime with some minor cuts. About 80 episodes of anime are covered through the exciting adventure using real clips from the English version subbed.

All that is at stake control Naruto beginning as being hated by the people as a whole, because the devil inside him (somewhat confusing to be honest). The village is open Konohoa world-that allows side missions and other obstacles completel. Let me give you a basis to run through 30 minutes of the game segment. You are given to the person who is at the helm and you over to the village to meet them. They usually give you some kind of mission to complete outside of the village in which the game is very simlar to the platform. Jumps in different places, which shield peaks, and so on. Eventually, along the way they are implemented in an enemy that you participate in the hand in the fight against kunai. The fight is just like a game fighter with different combos and use of jutsus (super combos?), What are pulled out using the left trigger, and the two clubs. You hold down the left trigger and allows you to move the two clubs in the four either direction. PoniƩndolos in the correct order for the desired jutsu and timing correctly will lead to an impressive attack that serves as little minigame. Although this system is repeated too often does not get to the old near the end of the game. Oh, and one more thing I want to mention, there are tree jumping sequences sound funny at first but, in reality, are a lot of fun. It was found in the branches of trees at certain times that you should direct Naruto right to the next branch in the tree of relief and when you press a land that will make you take speed. If you make a mistake a few times you might find in the forest floor to fight some kind of random forces.

You have your basic health meter, meter chakra (basically your mp), and you can also monitor their popularity. Everything you do in this game will affect one of those three things. Completing side quests will give you more health, the chakra, a certain amount of people who will no longer be quite grumpy… with you and you have the training points. These points of training will allow you to purchase new combos, update your jutsus and pump its strength. The upgrade system is fairly deep that allows for the attachment of scrolls to give special abilites while struggling out and update their kunais to be more powerful. Do not forget to grab some context before leaving on a mission, basic health pack of the game.

There are several multiplayer modes that are available in this game. What is really cool is that you have a wide range of characters, all who are in the game. There is a local policy Vs. Mode that lets you play with a friend or with a computer. Apart from playing at the local level can play online in standard mode, which puts you against a person in a lobby where you can set different parameters, such as the amount of time in one party or the amount of KO's needed to win the match. So far, I have not suffered any delay in the matches.

Now for the denial. The enemies that complies with the basic study of all look the same. This might not be a big deal to some, but it could lead to some people nuts. I would have been happy even if only a little has changed, but not. In addition, there are some annoying problems in the game. Have you had trouble completing certain objectives, because after I turned off my console in which I do not want to talk to the next person, but after several hours of making my console off and let them feel it worked again. There is no excuse for that and it was very frustrating. Speaking of frustrating, there were a couple of times that the structure was reduced at a rate of about hault, which made it easier to win my fight…

Fair warning, if you can not stand the voices better than America is able to obtain the same. There is no option to use the original Japanese voices, which no doubt has made me love more.

Overall, Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is a great game that is deeper than an average fighter. He has succeeded in being a good open game world, which also has an amazing fighting. I give it 8.5 out of 10.

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