Novint Black Falcon Controller

The Novint Falcon PC game is quite the novelty when it was first released, and still is. This is one of the first 3D tactile devices in the consumer computing, and the company that manufactures the Falcon, Novint Technologies, think it is high time they offer in a different color - black. In addition, a new grip has also been introduced, whereby the standard Falcon Grip can be interchangeable with Pistol Grip. Both the Black Falcon and Pistol Grip sells for $ 199.99 and $ 19.99, respectively, and must make their way to retail stores sometime before Father's Day 2008. So, if you know that your father is a strong player and is able to read whoop your ass in Halo 3 with one hand tied behind his back, you know what is presented to him which does not yet have a leather belt , tie and wallet Set.

According to Tom Anderson, CEO of Novint, "We are adding these new products in response to customer demand. The black hawk gives our customers an option edgier aesthetic. The Pistol Grip is truly an accessory to be is unparalleled for FPS games. I think that many users will want to buy a Falcon just to play games with SPF Pistol Grip. "The Pistol Grip offers players experience realistic weapon recoil (although on a much smaller scale - think of how many drop-cylinder double shotgun A, much less a railgun or rocket launchers) The enemy attack and action game and dynamics using the Pistol Grip-enhanced Falcon.

Are you going to back up the words of the CEO, when the time comes? I think that while having something like a Pistol Grip improve the experience in the game by making it more immersive, nothing the job done better compared to the classic combo keyboard and mouse. After all, if this were not the case, you can find professional players playing week and the week using the Novint Falcon.

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