Entire Super Mario Game Versions Go Online

Who ever knew that an Italian plumber could go so far? Of course Super Mario opened our eyes over the decades since it became public, Super Mario attracted the attention of the younger generation of video game players, Nintendo used equipment. The very first independent consoles, which are compatible with the older version of Super Mario were great and looked like a small plate, but the game was excellent nonetheless!

In different worlds, in a maze of complexity and rates each player had made a sweaty hands at least once at the fact that the game is difficult enough, some teenagers were playing this game for hours straight, until they are able to move on next level, enemies, obstacles and final masters were improved as time went by, and today we have our favorite Italian plumber working on the entire network.

As you know, the Internet has the right to change the way we think of video games, but you can not know what your favorite game "Super Mario" has been translated in its entirety on the Internet, it includes many worlds that you used to play, and these worlds and version you might not have heard about. Some of the Super Mario games, which were transferred include:

Flash Super Mario: This game has been transferred to the Internet using Flash technology, which allows it to look and feel very close to the original version, some may even say that it is the best option available on the web today.

Mario overruns: This version differs from the one already mentioned, this time you have to destroy Kuppas that attacking a castle, you can use some cool weapons to achieve your goals, you can use the plasma gun, shot guns, uzzy, bombs, you name it, your ultimate objective is to protect the fort from enemies who want to adopt it.

Other versions of the game include: rampage, spug shock, the star catcher, infinite Mario, and Sunshine 64. If you have not yet played all of these versions, you will love how you can use the Internet to access your favorite version of this great game, but you should definitely put some time on the sidelines, because, as you know, the world's incredibly big and win this game without errors can take several hours.

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