Free Funny Games Online: Smack Him Hard!

Recalling back to 1800 where there was butter bins, open fields, fresh air, open skies and games like hide, lock and key, which were really funny, but at the same time, you could not deny the benefits of modern times. Time's modern multipurpose gadgets and gizmos are doing our work less laborious and more significantly the best of this era is the invention of the computer, which is the last piece of machinery to increase productivity at work for generations to come. It helps you find, contact, it allows you to buy from the comfort of your room, cheap ad play with the people around and many others!

The invention of the computer is regarded as the biggest success that helps to make her work from the comfort of your own home. Just take a look at the various types of online games that are created not only for fun but also for many other purposes. There are games that will help you make money, games for educational purposes, games, which will serve as a stress buster, and there are games that are linked to the various activities of our lives, that in fact we are dealing are banned or, in some cases We Weak to run lets you do the same thing in a fun s laugh as we do giving a sort of cash positive for our overall emotional crisis. For example, a fun game that I personally heard is very good is "Slap the Nerd."

"Slap the Nerd" is good for children who are cold and love for their stay in cool world are generally being bullied by other desperate, naughty and mischievous children around. These boys can neither cold join them or you can beat them literally, and most of the time were found to be depressed. Therefore, there is no need to worry, because here is a game for you by 2DPlay where you can pour out your anger. Just slap you need to see them as nerds pop-up to answer questions. Be careful not to slap children, because punishment is great.

The game is very easily controlled with the help of a mouse. MOUSE is used to move the left hand and click slap for the nerd. The nerds are easily identified as wearing the glass. There are nerds normal, which can be controlled with 1 slap, uber-nerds controlled with 2 slaps and dodgy book nerds are difficult as try to dodge blows using as cover a book be so active, so make sure that they have the first response. I wish to all the boys cool! Enjoy the handful nerdy slap online games.

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