Nintendo Wii Features

Now that Nintendo Wii readily available, there is no need to conjecture about his speed and memory. It has a Broadway processor, developed jointly with IBM, based on the IBM PowerPC processor in the database. It uses a DVD drive, however, the disk can not be used to start the film, only for Nintendo games. You can now play with Wii, and find out what its main features.

First, Wii fairly easy to install. In the console on the design and user manual to make it clear that this is a mature product from a company which has experience in setting up consumer products.

In Nintendo Wii completely changed the way game controllers made. In Wii in the controller seems more like a TV remote control than the game controller. It included motion sensors, for example, in the midst of a tennis racket, you simply move your hands as if you were actually swinging a racket. In addition, the controllers provide players with feedback on different periods of time, such as they vibrate when you point to them, click, or they emit a sound when two players play bowls.

In Nintendo Wii system compatible with Gamecube games, as well as the Gamecube controller, though both systems use very different controllers. In Wii also has the ability to download games from the original Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), and Nintendo 64.

In terms of pricing, Nintendo Wii cheaper than in the two main competitors, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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