Nokia N80

Nokia N-series has turned heads since it first appeared, and with the N80 this trend should continue, it is a very desirable indeed. From its high-resolution screen of his camera quality, for its part stubby-friendly hardware design to its Wi-Fi, 3G support to its interface UPnP, the N80 is every inch a wolf in sheep clothing. The Nokia N80 is currently available for S $ 838 (U.S. $ 533.15) with a two-year contract mobile.

We use the word "stubby" to describe the design of equipment for a good reason: The N80 is short and fat. With his slider closed 95mm high and 26mm thick device looks a bit out of proportion, but he feels very comfortable in the hand.

Furthermore, with his slider open to reveal the keyboard, the N80 manages to avoid looking or feeling too kinky keeping its total length to 125 mm. This is not much more music-oriented N91 before his slider is opened, but Nokia has managed to build a large number keys that are easy to reach, and the top row managed to stay well clear of cursor to a design fault common to many devices cursor.

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