Nokia N92

Nokia N92This continuation of the N-line by Nokia is the first company device with an integrated DVB-T receiver. This can reproduce and recording mobile TV in this standard. The model has a 240 x 320 pixel display, 16K, Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth and FM tuner.
Class: smartphone, 3G, fashion
Position in the line: above Nokia N91
Rival phones: no data
Price for the release currently approximately 600 euros
The people over at sister site Gadget Centre recently got a chance to see a hands with the Nokia N92 - the first mobile phone in the function of an integrated DVB-H receiver that delivers digital TV on the go. Read how it may change the shape of mobile phones.

From my brief play with the N92 I can vouch for the next.

It has a beautiful screen - the video images looked surprisingly - way or another mobile. It is large - as a kind of cross between the Nokia N91 and a HTC Universal. The keyboard is excellent - very tactile and responsive. However, we will not see its key features - such as on-the-fly video recording and interactive TV - until a DVB-H service launches next year.

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