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World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft, the acronym WOW is one of the game introducing players in the world of the MMORPG, which means massive Multiplayer Online Role Games. The game is available through WOW accounts, which are accessible on the Internet access to official sites. They offer you all the necessary steps and information for buying WOW accounts.

In addition to basic information, you also beneficiate new and interesting details of the game. We can mention here that there are boundaries to access other servers, with the exception of those located in the immediate area of the players. The reason for this is to keep the game characterized language, each server can support multiple players 2500-3000, which will not be able to change the team when they feel they have anything to gain from this. Therefore WOW accounts offer you the balance, motivation and loyalty. If you buy WOW account, you also receive a simultaneous updates to servers. In races are given appropriate benefits. Nevertheless, none of them favored. In addition, the beautiful graphics and eye-catching, and passionate in the game to get a complex system of quests… all in all fun guaranteed.

Being classified among the fastest growing online game in European history, WOW accounts brought a new record in the order of number of accounts created, and the number of parallel servers. If we talk numbers, we are talking about 290000 players who turned WOW accounts in the first week. About 45% of them have established their accounts on the first they said. Not to mention the 180000 users in Europe in the first week, which means the new record. With regard to the number of servers, it is more than 80 servers have been available in Paris and Frankfurt to deal with the European launch. In addition, whenever the number of users is increasing significantly new servers will be ready to accept new players.

How exactly is this? First of all, you should follow these steps to buy WOW accounts, as well as create their own expense. Following the establishment of such an account, the user will have to develop its own character. In doing so, we mean that the user will create with his head to the tugboat, in accordance with his own will and imagination, build his own personality, his own ideas. Therefore WOW personal accounts allow play games with personalized results. I said earlier groups, there are two groups: the Alliance and the Horde. Immediately after the establishment of their character, the user can choose to fight for one team or the other, but they do not have the ability to change the team until the end of the game. Thus, the anticipated speculation, and thrown out of the game. Characters can have different roles in the game, as well as a user's preference. They can be: a warrior, hunter, warlock, priest, mage, etc. Every character can belong to different classes of characters, depending on the race. In addition, the characters, which are in fact the very avatars of the user, there are also characters that can not be created, managed or controlloed by users, these enemies or assistants.

We can conclude that there is greater freedom given to the game, but within certain limits so that the game is fair, and the game, which offers motivation. Moreover, when you buy WOW accounts offered protection, so that no one can get access to an account, but you. All of thought so that the players can think only about the game and the pleasure it brings together.
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