All About Playstation 3

Playstation-3Playstation-3 is a gaming experience that is beyond anything known today. It is an entertainment system that triggers a brilliant and high-definition entertainment experience that is incomparable. It provides the next generation of interactive entertainment.

Playstation-3 is the third home video game produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. An important feature that sets it apart from its predecessors is its unified online gaming service, Xbox Network. Other main features of the console are their huge multimedia capabilities, connectivity with the playstation portable and its use of a next-generation optical discs, blu-ray discs, as its main storage medium.

There are four types of models that are often referred to by the size of your hard drive included, 20, 40, 60 and 80-gigabyte models. All packages include selling one or two six-axis controllers, a video / stereo audio, a power cord, a USB cable, output, and an ethernet cable (20, 60 and 80 GB).

Many of the console accessories have been developed for the system, including the six axes wireless controller, the remote BD, the playstation eye camera and the next game TV DVB-T tuner / digital video recorder. The system has Bluetooth 2.0, gigabit ethernet, USB and 20 built-in HDMI 1.3a on all models. The creation of Wi-Fi networks is also built into the 40, 60 and 80 GB, while a flashcard reader models (which is compatible with the memory stick, SD / MMC and Compact Flash / micro unit media) a function of 60 and 80 GB models.

The playstation-3 version of the `Xross Media Bar" includes nine categories of options. These include user, configuration, photography, music, video, games, networking, network playstation and friends. It also includes the ability to store different master and secondary user profiles, manage and explore pictures with or without a musical slide show, play music and copy tracks from audio CD to a storage device attached play movies and video files from In the hard disk drive, a choice of USB or mass storage flashcard, or an optical disc (blu-ray disk or DVD-Video), the compatibility of a USB keyboard and mouse and a complete support in the web browser / function File Download compatible.

The menu allows friends with emoticons mail and attached photo and video chat features that requires a physician playstation eye or eye toy webcam. The network allows menu of online shopping through the store playstation.

The 80 GB playstation-3 offers comprehensive hard disk storage space for games and other entertainment content from the game network. The free membership playstation network lets you play free online games, enables downloading special content and stay in touch with their friends. The Wi-Fi allows you to connect seamlessly with their network. Includes hard disk for all photos, music and personal videos.

The six axes wireless controller gives more precision and freedom during the game. The image quality is virgin with the ability to the full resolution of high definition 1080p. The built-in blu-ray disk drive provides high definition for games and entertainment.

Sony has also announced the dualshock3, a driver with the same design and the role that the six axes, but with a capacity of vibration. He was released in Japan in November 2007, while a spring 2008 launch date is planned for Europe and North America.

The playstation-3, first, in general, received adverse comments as late, expensive and incompatible, but after a series of falling prices and the launch of several degrees of quality, the system has begun to get better feedback. The game engine is tremendously popular and their list of games is becoming larger and longer.

With its leading-edge technology, the high-end Sony Playstation-3 `s largest hard disk and the ability to play games playstation-2 makes it a good alternative to the cheaper models.

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