Xbox 360 3 Red Lights: Fixing The Dreaded 3 Red Lights

xbox 360 three red lightsSince the Xbox 360, the 2005 release, the console has been overwhelmed with multiple hardware failures. These issues are listed on the Xbox by the three red lights flashing on the console.

If you have a PC that you may have experienced this problem on their own. In this article, you will learn about what kind of problems people have been experiencing and what can be done to solve these problems.

The most common problem is overheating. The design of the console is supposed to allow it to use the ventilation openings, heat sinks and fans to help in the dissipation of the heat. If the airflow vents were obstructed then you will notice worst performance of the system and hardware failures that are indicated by the dreaded three red lights. You should always put the Xbox 360 in the open and away from any debris that could block the vents.

The Nyko Intercooler has also been informed that because of the general lack of hardware on many consoles. It is also known in the burning power of the network. Microsoft has stated that the intercooler drains much power of the console, causing failures that occur.

Another issue related to the heat is known about graphics processing unit (GPU). When the GPU gets too hot, causing the motherboard to bending causing the solder to loosen. The reason for this is the lead-free solder that is used on the Xbox 360is more fragile than the lead / tin solder that was used in the past.

Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs being carried to the 90-day warranty at no cost and they charge $ 140 to repair out of warranty consoles. In July 2007, extended the warranty for all consoles Xbox 360 which generally suffer hardware failures.

If you have experienced the dreaded Xbox 360 three red lights, you may have to be delivered to the repair center, if you choose, but I want to warn that because of the growing number of malfunctioning consoles, you may have to wait four weeks or more to get Xbox her back. Xbox If you love as much as I do, that was just way too long to wait.

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