Crazy over Wii: The Top 5 Games

If you think you have enough Wii, think again. Maybe you have not played all the first 5 games of this new product from Nintendo. Wii for aficionados and those who are simply looking for new exciting to play games, here are some of the best Wii chooses for you:

Speaking of the Legend of Zelda

Think Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons combined. This is how the new and perhaps the most important to date the console video game is like. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess speaks of the eternal Adventures of Link and Princess Zelda against Ganondorf. The game console Wii will help you discover the whole new capability for Link, which is being transformed into a wolf. The Wii is so perfect for the game, because you need maximum flexibility and precision when it comes to using bows, arrows, swords and ". To make the game even more exciting, Wii 16:19 provides an option to display its big screen for a whole new gaming experience level.

Goin 'Bananas

The Banana Blitz is the latest episode of Super Monkey Ball and it is specially created for Wii consoles. It is the ideal game for those who want to test the waters of Wii consoles. Banana Blitz features 50 mini-games and 100 brand new mazes, which are very easy to play. In addition, work on your Banana Blitz is currently brainer. With a simple forward-and-backward motion, you can already see monkeys rolling around the different puzzle games. So if you like to go loco on these conspirators primates, and then settle for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz.

Get Yourself in the Trauma Center

Christmas need not be just nice, but again, you can always have so much fun, especially when you are in Trauma Center. You're essentially back to the world of Dr. Stiles and his great mission to rescue one person at a time. However, unlike its predecessor, which has been made for Nintendo DS, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, it is more convenient for you to change your tools on the point, using your nunchuk in the selection of articles. You can also learn about other healing powers and techniques of Dr. Stiles would like the anime world does not have to be manufactured to the left.

Monster Trucks on the Loose

If you are in non-stop for hard-core action, then fasten your seat belts and get ready for one hell of a tour aboard monster trucks. Excite Truck Monster Games allows you to access various twists and turns in a very exciting series of races that you will probably not have time to catch your breath. Despite the complexity, however, technology is never difficult. In fact, there is practically no need to use your nunchuk.

Beat the Rabbids

Not all rabbits are kind and hairy. Take, for example, the Rabbids. Rayman takes you on the different kinds of adventures, which tries to combine a great story with fantastic minigames. Rayman Raving Rabbids tell the story of Rayman and his quest to fight the monstrous Rabbids, who seek to dominate the world. But it is never easy because he needs to earn more than 70 mini-games. Having sleepovers? Definitely, this game Wii keep all your friends awake all night.

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