Is Nintendo Wii the Best Video Game?

Since the Nintendo Wii video game console was introduced in the world market has taken the world by storm. At first Microsoft Xbox 360 managed to sell more units than the Nintendo Wii in September, Nintendo Wii quickly outdated Microsoft to reach the top spot for the number of units sold.

Nintendo outdated Microsoft in October, when 519,000 units of the game console were sold, while Microsoft managed to sell only 366,000 units.

But in terms of income Microsoft has outdated Nintendo Wii. Microsoft earned $ 354 million in revenue from the sale of its video game console and Nintendo managed to earn $ 246 million for its Wii model and $ 116 million for the PS3 model.

The third major competitor Sony has also done exceptionally well for himself as the newer models launched. On the other side of the Nintendo Wii has done exceptionally well as it faces problems from different quarters of the world.

Although the company should be proud that the demand is greater than supply, it is trying to close the gap by finding more than one way to a significant increase in their current capacity of the processing industry 1.8 million units per month.

The Nintendo Wii is a real competitor for the seventh generation gaming systems such as Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. The Nintendo Wii was introduced as the successor to the Nintendo GameCube. The game console has some great features that contributed to achieving the number one spot.

The console has a wireless controller (which is strong) and Wii remote control that can be held in the hand and used as a pointing device. This device can detect acceleration in three dimensions make your gaming experience as realistic as possible. The WiiConnect24 will be able to run updates via the Internet when the console in standby mode.

The Nintendo Wii won many accolades and awards at the E3 press conference in 2006. The console was launched in four major markets in December 2006. And in September 2007 the Financial Times declared the Nintendo Wii as the market leader in its category. Today the monthly sales of the console still better than all its competitors.

In fact, reports show that the console has managed to sell more units in the United States than Microsoft and Sony combined in the first half of 2007. Nintendo Wii in Japan where they both consoles of competitors are in a ratio of 3:1 to 6:1, respectively, each week.

Even in Australia the Nintendo Wii replaced Microsoft Xbox 360 from the top slot with sales record. Hence today the console, the leader in all markets has established its presence. In fact, reports suggest that Nintendo has warned that units are in short supply in the year 2007.

Microsoft and Sony are known to suffer losses from the sale of their consoles and have high expectations that the sale of the software will tide n their favor. But Nintendo claims to have optimized production costs as a result of which they earn good margin on each console sold to the customer.

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