Game Boy 101 – Everything You Need To Know

The Game Boy, a hand-held games console was released by Nintendo in 1989. The most popular game Tetris, and it sold more than three million copies in the United States Only. In fact, people bought Game Boy to play Tetris. Great success of Game Boy has advanced versions of the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance in which 75 million have been sold since 2006.

The Game Boy features are:

• The handheld video game system has interchangeable cartridges.

• Game Boy has been a leader in the game industry for several years. The address was the result of a high quality product that had content created especially for her.

• The high-tech system has a liquid crystal display that lent large graphics in black and green. Took the game to levels never seen before.

• Game Boy was the first to allow multi-player games. It had a port through the connections that could be made.

• Players can enjoy the games in full stereo.

• Game Boy use disposable AA batteries that allows 35 hours of game play.

• The original Game Boy came in different colors: gray, black, green, red, yellow and clear.

The classic Game Boy was followed by aversion known as Game Boy Pocket, which had all the characteristics, but had a screen in black and white. This was followed by the Game Boy Color or GBC, which was a super processor is backward compatible, and had an infrared port that allows wireless transfer between two systems. Then came the GBA or Game Boy Advance, a full twelve years after the gaming world was offered the Game Boy Classic. The GBA wove magic again. It had excellent graphics, speed, and high quality. Everything that a player wishes to the GBA.

He was succeeded by GVA GBA SP and Game Boy Micro. The Micor is smaller than the I-Pod, and game system is increasingly small. The unit plays the full range of GBA games, but it is not backward compatible.

Nintendo has kept one hand on the pulse of the market for gambling and leave with the winners of each moment. The console video games that are the best, yet affordable. The company has a Game Boy http://www.nintendo.com/channel/gba site that responds to the needs of all the fans of Game Boy. From health and safety precautions for an online store the site meets all requirements.

The Game Boy is no ordinary game system for many is a family tradition.

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