Mass Effect

A spectacular new vision for the future

The galaxy is caught in an endless cycle of extinction. Every year 50000, an old machine race penetrates the galaxy. With ruthless efficiency, the machine to wipe out all organic advanced civilization. They leave only the scattered ruins of technology, the destruction of all evidence of their own existence.

Few believe that this ancient legend. But you know that to be true. The battle for this event has become the most important mission extinction in the galaxy.

"You must act, without remorse, without hesitation, and outside the bounds of the law."

It is your task. Shepard as commander of the SS Normandie, take your recon elite squad of a galaxy in turmoil, in a desperate race to secure the return of an enemy without mercy. To stop this enemy, you must act, without remorse, without hesitation, and outside the bounds of the law. Your bid is only to safeguard the security of the civilized life in the galaxy - at any price. They must be the spearhead of humanity for which you alone know the full extent of what is at stake when you fail.

Science-fiction role-playing game: Perfected

Mass Effect enables you to create your own custom version of Commander Shepard (or directly with and the use of pre-created character), and plunge yourself in the middle of an epic science-fiction history. Choose your squad-mates, your weapons, abilities and skills, and adjust your vehicles, armor, and look - you are in complete control of your experience.

During their mission to stop invasion of the machine, you can select the path of a soldier, the tech specialist, or biotics specialist… each of which brings an arsenal of unique capabilities yet equally powerful for use against the enemy. Profiting from a variety of weapon types with precision accuracy… use your technical skills to hostile war machine against its creator… or unleash the full power of the Dark Energy against your opponents with devastating consequences.

As you progress throughout the entire game, improve your character's skills, abilities and equipment (including weapons, armor, biotic implants and more) to ensure that you have the resources to the growing threat in front of you.

The role you play in Mass Effect is a huge impact on the galaxy around you. They are moral dilemmas in which the decision ultimately to make significant change is the fate of the civilized life in the galaxy.

The expanse of space beckons

Your mission will take you into the deepest reaches of space known - and beyond. Your ship on board, in Normandy, you will choose which planet to investigate, and where your team. In addition to the large worlds of the main story arc, you have the freedom to visit, a wide range of unknown planets and other locations such as Asteroids and Space abandoned freighter drifting in space. On many worlds, your team planet page in the MAKO, to explore and to find extraterrestrial life forms, ancient artifacts and ruins, dubious dealers colonies and a variety of other amazing discoveries.

Lose Yourself in a Living Galaxy

Mass Effect combines amazing photo-realistic graphics with innovative new dialogue systems, a cast of living standards characters to interact. Engage these characters in real-time conversations, which allow you, even in situations that dramatically charged.

Characters communicate with full voice and amazing animation, which shows that their emotions, to subtle nuances of facial expression. Each wrinkled brow and slight twist of the mouth caught the infusion every interaction with a sense of realism. Run your Squad in intensive, real-time Combat

Run your Squad in intensive, real-time Combat

The battle for the return of the machines is ultimately a violent one. They will be responsible for the life, as your squad, they too often unknown, hostile alien environments. Any decision could mean the difference between victory and catastrophe. Although the fighting takes place in real time, we have the opportunity to fight and break commands to your team, which they then run with the precision of a well-educated elite Force. Upgrading certain skills and abilities as you level your character also allows you to increase your ballistic capabilities - and that can ultimately lead to easier aiming, more damaging use of weapons, and biotic effects with the power to the flood of battle in your favor.

Product Description
Set 200 years in the future in an epic universe, Mass Effect places players in a vast galactic community in danger, from the conquest by a legendary agent gone rogue. A spectacular new vision from legendary developer BioWare, Mass Effect challenges players to lead a team of freedom fighters as they struggle against threatening army to restore peace in the country. Mass Effect is the first in a trilogy of games with an overarching story, where the real conflict between organic beings and artificial intelligence to life in startling clarity. Intense, solid story, where the fate of life, as you know, it depends on the features you six character classes, along with six other unlockable - each class contains multiple talents, like every talent is leveled, the character of either profits stats (extra health, stamina, etc.) or unlocks new capabilities. Players can fully customize their appearance, sex, abilities and even military background. Four classes of conventional weapons ESRB Rated M for Mature

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