“Girl Tech” Toys: The Gadgets for Girls Revolution

While girls' toys have always been very lucrative for toy makers (think Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears and - more recently - Bratz), the market for technology-based toys has always been much stronger with a view boys. While, certainly, many girls enjoy them, video game systems and other technologies such entertainment feature war games, flight simulators and fantasy role playing with the pace and the graphics are expected to appeal at the demographics of men. Lara Croft not wearing tiny shorts for the benefit of his fans women.

This Christmas, a company called "Radica Games" is the promotion of a technology-based toys designed exclusively for girls they call "Girl Tech. These gadgets for girls include elements such as the Journal password ", a sort of diary of modern high technology for girls. It uses voice recognition software to keep unauthorized persons (as siblings and their parents) from reading the intimate thoughts of the owner and includes features like a pen with invisible ink to further enhance security, calendar to keep organized social life and an alarm to tell the owner if someone tries to break in the magazine. However, it may be a better product in theory than in practice: many online reviews of this product do not recommend it because of technical problems, most citing the voice recognition software as the problem.

Another "Girl Tech" item that is about to be very popular at Christmas is the "Girl Tech Digi Makeover." It integrates a digital camera and can connect to the owner of the television. The goal is to take a photo of someone and then use the camera to try out different hairstyles, makeup and haircuts to see how they look. He announced more than 50 hairstyles and colors, as well as a range of makeup that makes the combination almost infinite number of new looks. Unlike the diary, this point has been very positive feedback from consumers on the different sites and it is hailed as one of the must-have items for Christmas 2007.

"Girl Tech" has many other objects, as well, from a newspaper digital video that can be connected to the computer for the customization of admissions, a virtual pet called the "Puppy Password." The target age group for the whole of the "Girl Tech" toy line starts around age 8 and they are appropriate through the preteen years. Radica suggests that the elderly can enjoy them as well, but older teenagers are more likely to be interested in the more sophisticated technological gifts, such as the latest mobile phone or digital camera. "Girl Tech toys, however, are a great way to show young girls that technology is not just for boys.

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