MP3 Player Tips For New Buyers

mp3 player
If you do not have an MP3 player, and even if you do, you should check all the new stuff is happening. I hope this article will give you some ideas of this kind of MP3 player and you want advice on what to look for in an MP3 player.

Maybe you go to the gym and need something small and pass the test of the management or lifting. Maybe you have a 10 hour (or more) plane ride when you go on a business trip and the need to pass the time. Maybe you want a new one just for the sake of having a new one. Anyway, this article can help you select.

First, for those of you who want to work for something: the two most important things are looking for the size / weight and RAM, CD players things have not. You want something that you can clip to your shorts or strap to your arm that will not interfere with your movements, and you want it to be so light that you do not even notice. (Hint: Get a lithium ion battery to save even more weight.) To make sure your drive will not skip if you move too much or too fast, get one with internal flash memory, which has no moving parts , it can not skip. They are available in 1 GB to 16 GB models, with a 1 GB model holding several hours of music. Prices range generally from $ 20 to $ 600.

On the other side, you can store all 16000 songs in your collection on your drive if you never hear the same song twice. In this case, you need a hard drive based MP3 player, commonly known as a mp3 jukebox, where you can pay up to $ 800. It will be a little larger and heavier than not quite as durable and as a memory (RAM flash) player, but this is not a problem if you just want to sit and listen to some good music. And they are much more portable than the old CD-ROM drive.

Torn between a small, lightweight, strong and a hard disk drive based MP3 player that holds thousands of songs? Well, the iPod Mini can be your choice! The iPod Mini is a model of a race of small hard disk mp3 players. They are a little lighter and smaller than the normal disk players, and hold more songs than the average solid mp3 players. (Did I mention the iPod Mini comes in blue, green, gold and pink?) These are the main differences, but here are some questions you should look for when buying: battery life, with or without the radio, the voice recorder, a screen easy to read, and compatibility with your computer.

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