iPhone Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Most Out Of Your iPhone Experience

Each of us people who are lucky enough to have an iPhone already know how they can be fun just to play around with. Playing with my iPhone much myself, I discovered some tips and tricks that can help.

1. If you press once on the very top of the screen when you use the Internet, it will take you back to the top of the window rather than having to scroll all the way back. A great time saving feature.

2. If you set the font to the smallest size you can read more in the window. One advantage of this is that when you want to click on a link, you can pinch (expand) this area and the link will run very large, making it much easier to click.

3. Rather than display the full address of the websites in bookmarks, you can send the equivalent RSS address instead of Apple RSS reader and save what your bookmark. In this way you can quickly see if there is anything interesting on your favorite site, rather than downloading the entire site.

4. If you write something and the iPhone flags as a misspelled word that you know is not misspelled, cancel the correction and 3 times the word will be put in the dictionary. If you write a lot, this feature is quite useful!

5. The magnifying glass is a fine tool iPhone when you type an e-mail or any other text. If you press the button once, a magnifying glass will appear showing you a zoomed view in words and your cursor. You can easily place the cursor wherever you want. This makes editing your writing very easy.

6. You can move icons around, but not on the home screen. You must go to the section ipod. Go to iPod> Other> Edit. Now you can drag your icons all around. This can also be done in the phone.

7. To reset your iphone, hold down the right button and the "home" front button for about 6 seconds. To turn it back on, press the button above. This is different than regular downtime, which can easily be done by holding the sleep / wake button for 6 seconds.

8. If you receive a lot of spam e-mail unwanted or another e-mail, please be careful with this time saving feature. Add a link to Yahoo mail bookmarks in Safari. From there you can check the "delete" to remove all unwanted e-mails. This is much easier than deleting hundreds of e-mail spam, one at a time.

I hope you find these tips helpful iphone. If you have an iPhone and asked me the best way to fill it with music and films, visit iPhone Top Downloads for the latest comments from download sites iPhone.

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