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Naruto has a large and colorful characters, the management of a comprehensive range of the story and characters complex, and leaving many of them their fair share in the limelight, they also seem to grow and mature in the entire series, because it extends over several years. As it is appropriate for a coming-of-age saga, Naruto the world is constantly growing and thickens, and social relations are no exception - during his introduction, he has only his teacher and village chief of sympathy for the figures, but as the story progresses, more people In addition to becoming a part of its history.

Academy Ninja, where the story begins, is split into three squads after their graduation and become Genin, rookie ninja. Each squad is an experienced sensei. [9] These squads basic form a basis for the characters' interactions later in the series, in which the characters are chosen for the tasks of the team for their strength and complementary skills; Naruto's squad became the fabric 7 where social Naruto Getting familiar with Sasuke and Sakura, Kakashi and their sensei, forming the nucleus of his universe-in-the-making. [6] The other three men, teams of his former classmates from another form such a layer, as Naruto connects with them for various diplomas, learning about their motivations, vulnerabilities and aspirations, often linked to the own. The three groups are not limited to the classmates of Naruto age - groups of history in general come in threes and multiples of three with very few exceptions.

Sensei-student relationships play an important role in the series, Naruto has a number of mentors with whom he learns trains, and more particularly Iruka, the first ninja to recognize the existence of Naruto, Kakashi, his crew chief and Jiraya, and there are often Courir de son of tradition and Guardianship thus forcing several generations. These models provide guidance for their students, not only in the ninja arts, but also in a number of Japanese aesthetics and philosophical ideals. Techniques, ideals, and attitudes significantly run in families, Naruto are often exposed to the skills and traditions of the older generation of clans in her village when friends of his own age group to show them, or even realize improvements of their own, it is noted poignantly Naruto that the generation is particularly talented.

Character names often borrow from the literature and folklore Japanese (such as names borrowed from the legend Jiraya Goketsu Monogatari), or are otherwise elaborate puns, often there is a perceptible influence of the history behind the name of a character. [10]

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